(NEW!) Panty & Stocking


Hello friends, this is a set of stickers made by a friend of mine who is absolutely bonkers about PSG. You can probably expect to see more PSG stickers. I absolutely hate doing variety stickers (like with different versions and different finishes and what not) but this was so good I simply could not pass up.

Here’s how it works. There’s a Panty version, a Stocking version, and a 2 pack. You can order them in gloss, with a cool black multicam like background, or you can opt for the black sparkle. The black sparkle version is a holographic sparkle on a black background. The rest of the design is printed on top of white ink which is also printed on top of the vinyl. This makes for an extremely cool (read: extremely expensive) finish. If you’ve ever seen a rich Chinese student with a wrapped BMW, you probably know what this looks like.

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Panty, Stocking, Panty & Stocking


Gloss, Black Sparkle Holo




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